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Happy 5th Birthday Surebo!

23 Mar 2014

Happy birthday Surebo Technologies! Today, our company celebrates its fifth year since launch, and with amazing products like Browselorer and amazing games like Acoinz 2, we are proud of what we have acheived so far.
But that does not mean we're done. Surebo Technologies still has many future plans, for web and for mobile.
We wish all of our users the best in everything they do. Stay tuned with us so you can receive all the updates. Browselorer, Mediawees, Imakwees, Online Games, and it doesn't stop here. You'll be seeing amazing new products and updates thrughout the next year.
Happy 5th birthday Surebo!

The All-New Surebo Technologies (Browselorer 3!)

20 Aug 2013

Here we come with the biggest update yet. The website has received a big design overhaul, making it much more interesting and beautiful. Every corner of the website has been revamped, allowing for unity in design, ranging from the homepage, to the online games, to the product pages. This design overhaul showcases important images and illustrations in the homepage, and makes an amazing experience for you, the user.
Along with this design update, we have released the all-new version of Surebo Browselorer, 3.0. Today is Browselorer's 4th birthday, and the birthday update is not a small one.
Browselorer 3.0 has been much improved, now relying on the Gecko 22 fast engine, supporting HTML5, improved security options and much more! Browselorer 3 also utilizes a new icon, and a much cleaner interface. The menu bar ? Press Alt to see it, or enable it by default from the settings window.
The cleaner website design, The cleaner Browselorer interface, and the cleaner logo all pave the way for a brighter future for Surebo Technologies. We have also streamlined our efforts into 3 windows products, discontinuing the not-so-successful Surebo Text Editor, and shutting down Picapture and Painetta, until the next update. Imakwees will soon receive an update with features from Picapture and Painetta integrated.
Surebo Browselorer introduces new exclusive features, such as detailed history, which enlists how many times you visited a website or an exact page, and the history items only from that website.
Much more awesome features in Browselorer 3! Happy birthday Browselorer! Check it out here and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Acoinz 2 Released

09 May 2013

screenshootToday, we are happy to announce that we released a sequel to the online game Acoinz. Acoinz 2 is an updated and a much more fun version of the original Acoinz.
Acoinz 2 is an endless game of fun, where you should control an airplane to collect coins, and avoid rocks. You can also collect hearts which give you extra lives, to survive rocks. You can as well collect the multiplier star powerup that lets you get double the score for each coin collected, for a limited time.
As you advance in the game, you start flying faster, and face more objects. How much can you score ? For how long can you survive ?
With sound effects, suspense, and growing speed, we are sure you'll love the game. Beware, rocks and coins come in all places so don't rely on past memories.
Click here to play! 

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