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Happy 5th Birthday Surebo!

23 Mar 2014

Happy birthday Surebo Technologies! Today, our company celebrates its fifth year since launch, and with amazing products like Browselorer and amazing games like Acoinz 2, we are proud of what we have acheived so far.
But that does not mean we're done. Surebo Technologies still has many future plans, for web and for mobile.
We wish all of our users the best in everything they do. Stay tuned with us so you can receive all the updates. Browselorer, Mediawees, Imakwees, Online Games, and it doesn't stop here. You'll be seeing amazing new products and updates thrughout the next year.
Happy 5th birthday Surebo!

The All-New Surebo Technologies (Browselorer 3!)

20 Aug 2013

Here we come with the biggest update yet. The website has received a big design overhaul, making it much more interesting and beautiful. Every corner of the website has been revamped, allowing for unity in design, ranging from the homepage, to the online games, to the product pages. This design overhaul showcases important images and illustrations in the homepage, and makes an amazing experience for you, the user.
Along with this design update, we have released the all-new version of Surebo Browselorer, 3.0. Today is Browselorer's 4th birthday, and the birthday update is not a small one.
Browselorer 3.0 has been much improved, now relying on the Gecko 22 fast engine, supporting HTML5, improved security options and much more! Browselorer 3 also utilizes a new icon, and a much cleaner interface. The menu bar ? Press Alt to see it, or enable it by default from the settings window.
The cleaner website design, The cleaner Browselorer interface, and the cleaner logo all pave the way for a brighter future for Surebo Technologies. We have also streamlined our efforts into 3 windows products, discontinuing the not-so-successful Surebo Text Editor, and shutting down Picapture and Painetta, until the next update. Imakwees will soon receive an update with features from Picapture and Painetta integrated.
Surebo Browselorer introduces new exclusive features, such as detailed history, which enlists how many times you visited a website or an exact page, and the history items only from that website.
Much more awesome features in Browselorer 3! Happy birthday Browselorer! Check it out here and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Acoinz 2 Released

09 May 2013

screenshootToday, we are happy to announce that we released a sequel to the online game Acoinz. Acoinz 2 is an updated and a much more fun version of the original Acoinz.
Acoinz 2 is an endless game of fun, where you should control an airplane to collect coins, and avoid rocks. You can also collect hearts which give you extra lives, to survive rocks. You can as well collect the multiplier star powerup that lets you get double the score for each coin collected, for a limited time.
As you advance in the game, you start flying faster, and face more objects. How much can you score ? For how long can you survive ?
With sound effects, suspense, and growing speed, we are sure you'll love the game. Beware, rocks and coins come in all places so don't rely on past memories.
Click here to play! 

New Online Game! Top 50!

22 Apr 2013

AcoinzGood news! Surebo Technologies Online has brought the first system update to Surebo Online Games Platform. The score system now contains a Top 50 scoreboard instead of only 10.
As well, a new online game made by us has been released. Acoinz! Acoinz is a challenging action game where you have to control an airplane, to collect coins and avoid rocks. You can also grab a multiplier star powerup to score 2 each time you get one coin.
Can you score better than everyone else ? Show us your skills in the highscore table. But beware of rocks, they crash your plane.
Enjoy Playing! Click here to play. 

Site Design Changes

04 Apr 2013

Hello everyone! Today we announce the new additions and changes to the site design.
As you can see, we have moved the boxes in the main page, to allow for a better reading experience and a better-looking homepage. We also added a unified style for all the pages, which shows the navigation box above, allowing for easier navigation in our website.
We also added a new comment from mainpage box. This enables faster commenting on blog posts and news. The new design unifies most of our website's design, keeping this site, the Downloads Center, and the STO site in the same design.
Some more minor changes have been also made. Some pages now have their URL changed, and now works.
Leave your thoughts on the new design in the comments!

Happy Birthday! Surebo Mediawees!

23 Mar 2013

Happy Birthday Surebo Technologies! 4 years have passed since the start of this company, and today we celebrate with a new product release.
It's Surebo Mediawees! A simple and easy to use media player and playlist manager which implements amazing new technologies.
Beneath this beauty and simplicity lies a powerful media player, while housing the best playlist manager known to man. Using the MDWS playlist file format, we reinvented the playlist.
Playlist managers, even today, use a simple method to store playlists in files : Remember the locations of the media files. Using this method prevents you to delete or change the location of the files.
You shouldn't be restricted. MDWS knows that, and stores the media in the playlist file itself, leaving you free to do anything you want with the original media files, and the playlist won't be affected.
A MDWS file is smaller than the original media files, which you can delete - resulting in a smaller-sized music library, sorted into playlists.
In other news, we updated our blog system to be more convenient by showing only the latest news, and including a new commenting system.
Check out Mediawees right here!

Happy Holidays from Surebo!

24 December 2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We at Surebo Technologies wish all the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and would like to tell you a couple of things that will happen in the new year...
Have some wishful thinking, becuase in 2013 The next version of Imakwees will be released! Better yet, it will have some Picapture and Painetta features integrated!
As we advance in time, we need to update our products, fast enough. That's why updating Surebo Online Games' collection of games will be an important item on our To-Do List, just 3 games sounds too little, right ?
And last but not least, A new version of -you guessed it- Surebo Browselorer will be released! Expect more than just a web browser.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! from Surebo Technologies!

Surebo Online Games!

24 July 2012

STOG logoHere we come with the long-awaited update!
Surebo Technologies Online (STO) has released the new online gaming platform! Flash games made by us, and futurely, our partners, waiting for you to play and register in the almighty top-ten highscores!
Collectiti, Spaisattack, and ArrowGreen are the names of the 3 games in STO. Soon, there will be more games in STO Games.
Three thrilling action games are now available, can you finish the 11 mighty levels of Spaisattack ? Can you score the most in Collectiti ? Can you keep your score 100 in Arrowgreen ? Try and you'll know! Click here to enter STO Games!.

Happy Birthday Surebo! Browselorer 2.5!

23 Mar 2012

new logoHappy Birthday Surebo Technologies! The company have ticked the 3 year old milestone. We've been through 3 years of experience - 3 years of offering solutions and products - for free.
As a birthday surprise, Browselorer 2.5 has been released! Surebo Browselorer, the ever-great web browser, gets the 2.5 version.
No more annoying error pop-ups.. Many bugs fixed.. Many new technologies and features introduced! It is the best version of Browselorer yet.. it is the best web browser yet.
Explore the Browselorer awesomeness at its new website. Happy Birthday Surebo Technologies!

Coming Soon.. Browselorer 2.5!

18 Feb 2012

New stars interfaceSo here we come again with a new update!
You all know our latest updates about making games. If you don't, scroll down this page, then come here again.
While it is still being worked on (watch out, a big project on the road), we are releasing something else.
It is the next version of the ultimate web browser, Surebo Browselorer! It will be released in the next few weeks.
Surebo Browselorer 2.5 will bring many new features and fixes, one of them is the new stars interface (image on the left), featuring star names.
It will bring much fixes and updates to the themes interface, making adding external themes much easier while keeping the old way to create themes - fixed.
Be ready for a new wave of web browsers, with much less annoying "errors" and much more easiness!
Click on the image to see it bigger.
Tell us what you think in the comments!

Top Software on Brothersoft!

3 Jan 2012

Browselorer as a top software at BrothersoftOkay, This blog has came a bit late, but Brothersoft, the downloading giant, have listed Surebo Browselorer as Top Freeware Software in the Internet category!
It's been some time since our cooperation with Brothersoft started, and it is back in action now.
It's been a while since Browselorer was featured as top software, and this update came late.. But here it is!
The Brothersoft editors have expressed the reason they picked Browselorer as a Top Software as "An amazing, powerful, and easy-to-use web browser with lots of features".
Give your thoughts in the comments box on the right!

Merry Christmas!

19 Dec 2011

It's been a long time since we updated you with information. Dear readers, today I am here to wish you a Merry Christmas!
The Christmas decorations on Surebo website are here, and a huge project is under development.
We won't reveal any of the project's detail now, but we can say that it includes many online games - as we promised a while ago - and we can also say that it is to be released sometime before 15 May 2012.
It may be a long wait, but I promise : It will be worth it.
Surebo Technologies online (STO) will be the parent of the project we're making, and some updates about the project will follow.
Anyway, here at Surebo Technologies we all agreed to provide you with information more frequently. Updates will happen more often, many minor STO projects will be released soon.
Do you like the new contact form on the homepage ? Please send any wishes, requests, or reviews using it!
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday Surebo Browselorer!

20 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday Today, Surebo Browselorer turns two years old. Surebo Browselorer, is our web browser that shined four months ago all over the internet, releasing it's second version and spreading widely at big downloading sites like Softpedia and Brothersoft.
Today we celebrate the second birthday of Surebo Browselorer with a sneak peak of our next update!
Our next update is related to STO(Surebo Technologies Online), we cn describe our update with two words for you : online games!!
Well technically it's two words and two exclamation marks, but saying two words can be acceptable.
Give a shout and say Happy Birthday to Browselorer in the comments on the right!

Review Surebo Technologies' Programs!

21 Jun 2011

After a long time without adding any news, here we come back with a new site update!
We updated every program's page to include a "Ratings & Reviews" box.
Now you can rate and if you want, review Surebo Browselorer, Imakwees, Painetta, Picapture, or Surebo Text Editor!
When you and others from all around the world rate the programs, we can get an idea about how happy users are with programs, and if you and others review the programs, we will see what do you like in a program to feature it, and what do you dislike to improve it.
In this way, we will offer not what do we imagine that you like, we will offer you exactly what do you like.
You can rate and review as an anonymous user or click the button then the sign in button to log in with your Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Netlog, or OpenID account to rate and review as that account.
In addition to that, you can also post replies to reviews.
This technology is powered by "Google Friend Connect".
We're glad to hear from you, write here in the comment box on the right.

Comments On Blog Posts

7 May 2011

Hello everyone, today, we launched a new site update!
We updated the blog to make it include comments on posts!
Now this is an easier way to contact us, if you have any suggestions, you don't have to email us, you can just comment it.
You can comment as anonymous or click the button then the sign in button to log in with your Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Netlog, or OpenID account to comment as that account.
In addition to that, you can also post replies to comments.
This technology is powered by "Google Friend Connect".
We're glad to hear from you, write here in the comment box on the right.

Surebo Browselorer 2 Revision 1 Released

29 Apr 2011

Yesterday, Surebo Browselorer 2 was released. Our team reviewed it and found some bugs. Well, now we released a new version, version
This version is the regular version two, but with the bugs fixed.
Surebo Browselorer 2 (regular, without the revision) is not available anymore, but Browselorer 2 revision 1 is available, along with the old version 1.
The Browselorer website has no changes, but it has version named 2 and 2.0.
The technical problems (bugs) were :
1.When a button opens a new window using javascript, it didn't open.
2.After changing the homepage, error messages start to appear
In addition to 2 other minor bugs.

Surebo Browselorer 2 is Released!

28 Apr 2011

As we promised before, here it is! Surebo Browselorer 2 is here!
New features, including themes, 3 new addons (WAV Player, Pwercha Bar, and Stars Bar), browsing history, and much more!
Browselorer 2 uses an improved right-click menu, featuring the "Zoom" and the "Get Images...", and featuring the menu for links with "Open Link In New Tab" and "Copy Link Location".
When clicking the new "Get Images..." from the the new right-click menu, you get a window with the list of images included in the webpage you are viewing, when you click on one, it appears if you wanted to download it, you can click "Save This Picture" in the bottom of the window to save it.
In the Tools>>Settings window, under "Customize" tab, you can change from 9 themes (AKA skins) to apply them on Browselorer, to browse just the way you like it.
Read more about themes in the Themes section of the Browselorer site.
Browselorer is the only browser that can let you choose a password and when you open the browser, you have to enter the password.
More, more, more, and more features are included in Surebo Browselorer 2, what are you waiting for?
Links :
Browselorer Website

Happy Easter!

23 Apr 2011

Happy Easter!Happy Easter, Happy News! Hi everybody, here in Surebo Technologies, we are wishing you all a happy Easter!
This week, there are very happy news after a very happy Easter...
Surebo Browselorer 2 will be released!
As we mentioned before, Surebo Browselorer 2 will include many new features that were not included in version 1, in addition to improving the available amazing features.
And be sure... the next blog post is coming up this week, and it is about Surebo Browselorer 2!

Brothersoft's Recommended Download : Surebo Imakwees

16 Apr 2011

Since 14 April 2011, Surebo Imakwees is a "recommended download" in Brothersoft's "Photo & Image" downloads page.
We promised to publish about the Surebo-Brothersoft cooperation before, now the cooperation makes Imakwees a recommended download at Brothersoft, while Brothersoft has an ad on the Surebo Technologies homepage.
Surebo Technologies and its programs are spreading the internet, getting four awards from Softpedia, two for Imakwees by Brothersoft, and lots of other downloading sites offering our technologies.
Softoxi, a downloading site, made three trailer/tutorial videos about our technologies, one about Imakwees, one about Painetta, and one about Picapture.
We are very pleased to cooperate with Brothersoft, and to be a leading programs company.
Links :
Brothersoft's "Photo & Image" with Surebo Imakwees topping the list as a recommended download.
Softoxi's video trailers about : Imakwees - Painetta - Picapture.

Surebo Imakwees, Editor's Pick at Brothersoft

11 Apr 2011

Surebo Imakwees is Brothersoft's Editor's Pick Good news! Surebo Technologies programs are now in many places on the internet, including the well-known downloading giant Brothersoft. Brothersoft has picked Surebo Imakwees as an "Editor's Pick" program, meaning they gave it an ward for how fantastic it is. Now after the world has viewed Surebo Technologies, we have many trusted resources awarding our programs.
So, as long as Surebo Imakwees gets more awards, this page is prepared for Imakwees's awards.
Also in the news, Brothersoft and Surebo Technologies are cooperating together and the news about this will be published as soon as possible.
More good news, that Surebo Technologies set a record in the past ten days, having as much downloads as never before, while it is widespread around the internet in sites such as forums, downloading sites, and more!
"A quality image convertor, it can also convert images to icons" These are Brothersoft's words about Imakwees in its "short description" there.
Links :
Surebo Imakwees at Brothersoft with the "Editor's Pick" award on the right.
Surebo Painetta at Brothersoft.
Surebo Picapture at Brothersoft.
Surebo Browselorer at Brothersoft.

The Surebo Technologies Family Visits Softpedia

6 Apr 2011

Surebo programs are 100% clean Softpedia, the downloading giant and well-known website, has now four new programs. Out of five programs, four of our technologies were added to Softpedia yesterday. While the respectful team working in Softpedia reviewed our programs, they also guaranteed that our programs are 100% clean, and free of viruses, trojans, spyware, malware...
Browselorer, Imakwees, Painetta, and Picapure, are on the Softpedia website.
"A simple yet powerful web browser with lots of features" These are Softpedia's words about Surebo Browselorer, the very very, very advanced web browser.
"An advanced and easy to use image editor" is the short description of Surebo Painetta at Softpedia. "From the main window you can let your imagination go wild and start drawing", words describing Painetta in Softpedia.
For Imakwees, the words at Softpedia are our words, except for the screenshoots page. The words are ours because we submitted Imakwees at Softpedia and they were interested in our programs.
"A simple program that can perform screen capturing", Softpedia's words about Picapture, which also included a small paragraph ending with "Quickly take snapshots of your desktop or any other screen using Surebo Picapture."
As they wrote more than what we mentioned here about the programs, Surebo Text Editor was not included with them, because maybe it's too old so, good luck for the text editor in the upcoming versions.
Links :
Browselorer - Painetta - Imakwees - Picapture All at Softpedia.

Happy Birthday Surebo!

23 Mar 2011

Hi! Today is the big day... Surebo Technolgies will turn 2 years old, two years of service, two years of excellence, two years of advanced technologies that helped many people on the computer.
Last year, on our first birthday, we posted a "Look back and a look forward". Well, we said that we will release Surebo Browselorer 2 in the past year but we didn't, because it was hard with all the new ideas that we are revealing some of them now!
Birthday Surprises : Surebo Browselorer 2 secrets! Browselorer 2 is a much more advanced one than the current Browselorer, it contains 10 themes for your Browselorer, 3 new addons, no more "Types of Browselorer" which seemed, okay, kind of unusable, it will also contain browsing history and more... We realize that you don't need only to browse the web, you need to have fun with that!
If you were wondering about the add-ons, they are a WAV music player, and the Pwercha bar.
That's not all, there's more! and as long as we didn't release it, you can still suggest us new features!

New Site Design

20 Mar 2011

Welcome, Surebo-ers. As you're seeing, we changed the whole site design, and added some sections to the main page, including "The Surebo News", "Surebo's Latest Technology", some pages were merged to the main page (like "Contact Us" and "Browse Surebo Technologies") and more...
Lets talk about each of these one by one. "The Surebo News" is this blog, and it will help to view any new programs or news about Surebo Technologies, instead of how it was in the old design, viewing just a short sentence.
"Surebo's Latest Technology" will be another helpful browsing way, and it shows our latest program or major program update.
"Contact Us" - since we have not recieved lots of requests, suggestions, comments or opinions with the hidden "Contact Us" page, it has been merged into the main page.
"Browse Surebo Technologies" was a good way to browse and a start for STO (Surebo Technologies Online), so we think it deserves to be on the main page.
"Surebo Technologies Online" (STO) is a new series of Surebo Technologies, providing online programs. to promote it, we put it on the main page, when it expands it will become very important, desrving to appear on the main page.
We also added one other page to the site, that being "Surebo Technologies Videos". it shows you all our videos, and it may be annexed to STO in the future.
We also, as you have noticed, created a logo for Surebo Technologies!
We also updated the downloads center to be better than ever. We added instructions on how to download the programs on their pages, and also added the instructions to the Browselorer site.
We are, and will never be not, glad to hear from you.

Partnership With Pwercha


We have got partnership with Pwercha, which included that Surebo Browselorer 2 will included a "Pwercha toolbar" AddOn and also included letting Pwercha offer a "Surebo Browselorer 2 with Pwercha Toolbar enabled automatically" at their site.

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